Shapeoko XXL Assembly

Good morning:
Finally, I am in the process of assembling Shapeoko XXL. In the assembly manual, there are some points in which I got lost. For example, the springs that are supposedly factory mounted in the Z movement item. However, I got a box with a pair of springs in a plastic bag and since there is no a picture of the place where those springs are mounted in…I dont know what to do.
The process of assembling the machine has been fascinating, because I had to step forward by myself in some points where there is no instruction or graphic description about the procedure.
I beg your help on the springs issue.
Thank you in advance.

Do you have a pre-assembled wiring harness?

If so, you should be using these instructions:

Please let us know of any difficulties you might have, or if you don’t have the pre-assembled harness at


Thank you Will And Mr. Robinson. Looking at the picture, I can see the solution. I also can see that the struder labeled Shapeoko is the x/z rail…and not the right rail as I assembled…
Muchas gracias!!!

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