Shapeoko XXL broke

So I was doing a carve and about The end the machine started machine a bad noise then said it was completed and lifted out of the carve just a little. When I clicked complete and the machine went to reset I found out it hadn’t lifted far enough and drug the but through my carve. Now I cannot get my machine to move on the Z axis at all. Even manually I cannot get it to move… Idk what is going on. It worked great until it didn’t.

Please let us know about this difficulty at and we’ll do our best to assist.

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While you’re waiting for Support to get back to you…

It sounds to me the project missed steps, for some reason, causing the Z axis not to retract far enough to clear the stock.

When you switch off the machine completely, can you move the Z axis upwards, away from the stock, and then the X and Y axes?

If you can, it might be worth starting the machine up and testing the limit switches before initialising the machine (using a metallic object for proximity switches) and, if they all work, try initialising the machine - without a cutter in the router/spindle and your other hand on the power switch, just in case.

If you can’t move the axes with the power off, something could be jammed somewhere, so look all around the machine - with it still completely switched off - and check everything is where it should be and secure, especially the limit switches, cables, belts and stepper motors.


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