Shapeoko xxl issues to solution

Finally was able to get out to the machine after having a baby in November and busy work schedule in December, and use the maintenance kit supplied by carbide to replace as much as I could.

Found 2 v-wheels that must have been damaged in production of the machine.

The left wheel was was from the bottom left on the z-plus and the right wheel was on the top of the Y-2 rail.

Replaced the belts, eccentric nuts and all the wheels. The attachment bolts for the v-wheels were different than the hardware I originally received. They seemed better and stronger in my opinion.

I ran the hello world file after I was done and I would say it looks good to my rookie Shapeoko eye.

I want to both thank carbide for sending me the maintenance kit and working with me but also express my annoyance that this had to even be done on a machine I received in October

Thanks for everyone in this community that commented to try and help me last month.

I have my fingers crossed now that when I get to carving the results will be just as good.

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Let us know about the flawed V wheels at and we’ll take care of this.

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