Shapeoko XXL steppers not powered

Hi all!
This is my first post in the forum but its been a great source of info for my XXL. I ran into my first problem that I haven’t been able to find help with yet. Basically, it seems as though my steppers are not being powered at all. There is no “noise” from the motors and I can freely move the machine. If I try to jog, I see the position in carbide motion changing but no actual movement from the machine. At this point I’m at a loss and have no idea what the next troubleshooting steps would be.

The only thing I have touched since the last time I used it was the estop. I had some issues with the NC side sticking and so I played with that a bit to get it unstuck to allow my router to be powered. My first assumption was then that the estop side must be stuck as when its pushed you get the same effect (no power to steppers). I have traced the wires back and even removed the connector on the board that contains the limit switches and estop, no change. Its almost like its stuck in “estop mode”.

Would reflashing the controller be possible? Or what other things should I check.

FYI here is my setup :slight_smile:

Can you check power coming from the Estop? Is your controller also connected to the Estop? Is the light coming on, on the controller board? If not, it sounds like it is not being powered.

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I believe that there is some additional configuration which has to be done with an E-stop set to NC vs. normally open — the community has some notes here:

Does the board even light up?

Not sure I understand what additional configuration would have to be set up William. No I didn’t read the link to that info…lol.
I just wired my Estop (normally closed) before a receptacle and plugged the Dewalt and controller into the receptacle. Hit the Estop or I call it the “oh s*** button” and it simply breaks power to the receptacle.

I must be misunderstanding then.

Do you get any lights on your control board when powering up through the E-stop?

Well, I may be too William. To me it looks like he is not getting power out from the Estop if his router isn’t working either. If it is maybe the controller adaptor became unplugged or is bad. He could test the output side of the adaptor to see if he is getting 24 volts.

Thanks for the responses guys! Sorry for the confusion.
My estop is connected to the router on the NC side and the estop pins on the board with the NO side. Pushing the stop resulted the router losing power and the stepper drivers shut off (board remains powered). This setup has worked great since I installed it a few months ago. My issue now is that the stepper drivers won’t turn back on.

Currently I’ve got the board taken off the machine and sitting on my bench with power and USB run to its, nothing connected to the estop pins. The power light is on and I can connect and attempt to “jog” around but there is no power to the stepper driver pins at all.

My only guess was that when I was testing the estop yesterday, the board never fully exited its “estop mode” and is still disabling power to the drivers.


It should go back to its default state when it’s powered down — I don’t think there’s anything related to this stored in persistent storage — @chamnit would be able to address that.

There is a sketch for the Arduino which will wipe the EEPROM — that’s been necessary for solving some problems, and I suppose it’s within the realm of possibility that that could be involved in this.

Please see: