Shapeoko XXL Y-Axis Issue

So my shapeoko xxl has been working properly for the last few weeks, until yesterday. I went to load up a job and when it was homing, I noticed that the Y2 motor sounded awful. It homed, but the Y-axis was not running smoothly at all.

When I jog the X and Z-axis by themselves, they run smoothly, but when I jog the y-axis, it is jumpy and sounds like the motor is bogged down.

I have checked all of the v-wheels, belts and connections and I do not see any obvious issues.

Also, when the machine is powered off, the y-axis moves freely without any issues so the axis is square and running smoothly on the v-grooves.

When I disconnect the Y1 from the control board, the machine just shakes and makes a lot of nasty noise. When I disconnect the Y2 from the control board (so only the Y1 is operating), the machine moves without the nasty noise.

Seems like a bad Y2 motor to me.

Like I said, I have been using the machine for a few weeks without any issues and then literally overnight this issue popped up. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

PS: When I received this machine in May 2018, it came with a bad control board. I wasn’t able to use the machine for over a week after I assembled it because I had to wait on a new control board.

I’m afraid it’s more likely that the stepper driver on the board has gone bad (the motors almost never fail).

It’s possible it’s a fault in the wiring extension — test with a multimeter if possible. To verify which part(s) are bad see:

Once you know which part(s) are bad drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to get you running again.

I’ve got an email chain going with Brandon, Y1 motor is working properly, but Y2 is not.

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