Shapeoko3 - 80/20 frame - Thread 2

Old thread got locked long ago… A recap, I designed a 80/20 frame for the Standard S3, ordered everything, made a few minor mistakes, had to reorder some parts, and finally got the first one together a few days ago. Have been 3D printing rail caps to test before I start milling them out of aluminum.
Also designing some belt tighteners and tension gauges as well.
This frame is solid and heavy, I have absolute full confidence in it. The Ohio Diesel spoil board now has 14 attachment points instead of 8 and has full support from all sides into the middle. The outside frame base in the photos is the same as my double enclosure I built, so it bolts right to the inside of the frame of the enclosure.
Also spent way too much time modelling my enclosures and some cabinets I am making, they will be insulated/sound proofed and will have separate chambers holding the shop vac, Spindle chiller, PC and all will be on sliding drawers for easy access.
Looking forward to installing Dan Story’s Linear Rail kit and the 2.2K spindle!

Of course I had to model my actual hose adapters onto my models of the dust deputy’s and my shop vac’s haha…

*Old School glass etched Gandalf and friends are pissed I shoved a Guider 2 in front of them, obscuring the view of my CNC machines…


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I like this a lot, especially the aluminium base, end plates and extrusion. I’m assuming the 3D printed brackets are just a test and you’ll eventually cut aluminium plates that run the full width?

How do you like the FF Guider? I have the Dreamer, which is ugly as sin but a workhorse


Very neatly done. Love it.

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The Guider 2 is a very nice looking machine. Print quality is not the best. High detail is not as good as my smaller much cheaper Adventurer 3’s. Makes a lot of noise and has a grinding sound when moving around sometimes. I am sure I will dial it in better, only had it for a short time. I purchased it for the large build size and operating on the same system as my smaller machines.

I would not recommend buying it.

Check out the Quidi X-MAX on Amazon, a very nice large 50 micron printer. The Quidi has twin ball-screws on opposing sides of the bed, way better then the guider and other companies 1 ball-screw shelf system. I should have bought the Quidi, but new tech should be coming out any day so many top of the line printers are going on 3 years old designs. The Creality CR-6 SE for $399 is a new design with auto bed leveling and removable magnetic bed. Very promising but has no Wifi, or Ethernet and has had some new product QC problems I am sure they will get straightened out asap.
Makerbot has stopped USA production, has ended the current line up and is moving manufacturing to China and creating new models. Not sure where this will lead.
Also the Modix brand of printers is just insane. The new one coming out is a 1800x600x600mm build size! I was thinking about getting a Modex for making car body parts etc.

I plan to cut the 1 inch thick aluminum front and rear plate for the 80/20 frame as soon as I get the design finalized. Waiting on some hardware and parts for the belt tension system I am working on.
I considered trying a permanent interlocking 3D printed front and rear frame , I think if I printed 1 inch thick PLA+ plates, they would be as rigid as the stock S3 frame. The 50% infill ones I printed are 3/8 thick and barely flex and took 15 hours each. 1 inch thick would take 35+ hours each to print though (x4) plus 2KG of filament. Possibly worth the experiment as the aluminum will be around 400 dollars.

I think 3D printing and CNC compliment each other extremely well. I wish C3D would make a line of 3D printers!


Thanks very much Will, next time I will contact you or Julien first.

As usual, great design. I’d be interested in this for XXL. No particular need for an aluminum plate, but a more rigid frame would be a welcome improvement.

I’ve just started playing with a 3D printer. Useful and very enjoyable. Those Modix printers look very cool.