Shapeoko3 Stops Mid project

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I already wrote to Carbide3D support but thought i would post here as well. Three times today my Shapeoko3 stopped mid project. It seemed to lose all connectivity to Carbide Motion and just stopped. Three separate times in three separate locations in the same file. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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Can you provide any more details like the age of the machine, how much usage it has seen (anything comparable to the usage today or is your usage going up?). How long a job? Materials? Shop seem static-y? Anything changed recently like moved the compute further away necessitating a longer cable or anything?

Tell us as much as possible and maybe someone here will hit on an answer for you.

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I had a similar type problem. Started using only one elect. circuit for CNC work and others for vacuum, etc… Possibly a static buildup? LED lighting of some types will cause interference.

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As others have said…static. Everytime I surface my mdf I have to do it in stages or I lose connectivity due to static buildup.

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I guess that the copper wire inside the vacuum tube connected to a ground would help with the static issue. I did not see this on the Wiki recommendations.

I also had a similar problem and traced it to a non-powered USB hub. I removed the hub and I have not seen the problem since. I now have a powered USB hub on my shopping list. If it gives me issues, I will return it back.

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  • ensure that if a dust shoe is installed, there is a single path for it (and the router if it conductively connects) to ground to neutral

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My brand new xxl has been doing this as well, I’m not really sure how to deal with the static issues but I have done the following and it’s help cut down on the disconnects: ran my Shapeoko, computer, and router to separate power circuits, ran my router cord in the opposite direction from the control panel and it’s suspended so it doesn’t touch the cnc, and lined the inside of the control cover with copper tape as well as wrapped the USB and power cable with the tape.

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