Shapeoko3 XL Help Please

Hello everyone, I just finished putting my Shapeoko XL together and am having problems. Here is a video I put on youtube that might show it in better detail.

Shapeoko XL cable issues

Cable issues from the back side of the machine.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

That one should route across the back of the X-rail, not through the drag chain.


Awesome, I will figure out how to take that out of the drag chain and hopefully that fixes my issues. WHOOP, can’t wait to get started using it.
Thank you.

I think you have the wrong cable connected to the Y2 (the one that does not move) The cable going to Y2 should travel behind the gantry . The ones inside the chain are going to Z and X. The cables (connectors) should be identified. I hope this helps.

Thank you everyone for your help last night. I move those two stopper motors and rerouted the drag chain and everything is working fantastic. Thank you all for your help.

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