Shapeokok xxl jerks around on the y-axis

I am trying help my father set up his Shapeoko XXL and whenever we move it up the y axis the carriage starts shaking and it looks like the side with the motherboard isn’t moving while the opposite side is. whenever we try to push it by hand it is also harder to push on the motherboard side as opposed to the other side. everything looks like it is lined up properly my father thought something either wasn’t tight enough or was too tight.

if anyone has any idea what is wrong and could tell me it would greatly appreciated, thank you.

Sounds like a problem with the wiring to the ‘motherboard’ side stepper.

While jogging the machine, try wiggling each connector in the wiring harness to see if it makes a difference. Also check for loose wires (bad crimps). If you find a bad connector, you likely have found the problem.

If Not:

Try disconnecting the ‘opposite side’ stepper motor, and see if anything moves. If not, then you’ve narrowed it down to the motherboard side.

Now swap the connections on the motherboard. If it moves now (if it does, it will travel in the opposite direction), then the problem is likely the control board.

Re-connect the ‘opposite’ stepper motor. If it moves now (it will try to move in the ‘wrong’ direction), then the problem is the wiring or stepper motor on the motherboard side.

Swap the connectors on the control board back to their correct places. Things now should be as you started, and you should have a better idea where the problem lies.

A slightly move involved test at this point is to remove and swap the two Y stepper motors. If the problem stays the same, then it’s wiring. If the problem moves, then it’s a bad stepper motor.


@francisco I’ll add that you should also contact if you haven’t. They will guide you through troubleshooting this

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