Sharing Tool Libraries Between Macs (Revisited)

I design and create files on Mac #1 (a new Mac Mini). I run my Shapeoko on a Mac #2 (an older laptop) in my garage. Is there a way to copy tool libraries from one Mac to another without having each Mac connected via a network?

I saw the Dec 20 thread about this, but I guess it doesn’t apply anymore. Or, if it does, I don’t understand it. Seems like it should be an easy thing to do, but IDK.

Thank you!

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In CC, go to Help → About → Open Data Directory
Select Carbide Create → Tools
You will see your custom tool libraries.
Copy the files & transfer them to your other computer.


Yes, I read that earlier. I cannot see any option for Carbide Create > Help > … Anything …

If I’m in Carbide Create (as in “the application is open”), and select the “Help Menu”, I get this:


If I select “Help” from that dropdown menu, I’m taken to C3D’s Help website, which is of no help.

If I open the app package, I get this:

Even when I expand each directory/folder, there is no “Help” option, and no “About” option, no “Open Data Directory” option and no “Tools” option.

If there’s some magic key command I’m missing, I apologize, but I still don’t get it.

The menu entry seems to have been removed. But the tools libraries are in ~/Library/Preferences/Carbide 3D/Carbide Create/tools

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On a Mac it’s Carbide Create app menu | About:


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