Shepeoko XL New Assembly Help Please

Hello, I am brand new to CNC operations and I was excited to get my new Shapeoko XL today. I got right to work with the online instructions and all went very well through the mechanical assembly. However all systems came to a full-stop when the X Z stepper motor connectors together with their extension cables will not slip into the drag chain as instructed. I got the extension cables through OK, but I cannot get them to retract into the drag cable after they are connected to the stepper motor connectors It appears to me these large rectangular connectors are simply too big to fit along with the other cables? I wonder if these connectors are new but no-so-improved?

I think I can bundle the wires & connectors behind the gantry leaving just the extension cables to run through the drag chain. Is this a viable work-around?

I wanted to include a picture, but perhaps since I am new and had another post recently, the system won’t allow it?

Your thoughts / suggestions please… thank you!


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The drag chain should be of a type which has a removable part which allows it to open up, making running the wire much easier:

(that photo was taken by @ApolloCrowe and is from an incompleat set of instructions at: )

I don’t think running the X and Z wiring as you describe will allow one to make up the connections.

One other note — the XL requires that one remove 20 links from the Y-axis drag chain (I believe that the text may not be updated from the XXL version, and so might erroneously indicate 12) — once you’re done with the assembly, you’ll still have the limit switches mayhaps — instructions for them here:

You might find these build notes of interest:


Will, once again you’ve provided some excellent information! I was carefully following the online instructions and nowhere do they discuss opening the chain assembly to facilitate running the cables.
The equipment and hardware is awesome… the instructions could use a little help.
Again, thank you!


Glad to help, FWIW, I seem to have 23 links left over from my XL — but I modded my machine a bit:

I had difficulty with my first picture-first time with this forum software.
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Thanks William… slow but sure, I’m learning!