Shitty software just broke my edge finder

I just broke my edge finder. Every time a user switches between MDI and Jog Carbide Motion it re-measures the tool and does so without retracting the tool. That’s a really stupid implementation. You can be damn sure I’m not buying a replacement edge finder from Carbide3D.

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I also had this happen, but without the breakage.

A word of caution for those who use these features in that sequence.


In Carbide Motion, to use the Edge finder, you go to the Jog control screen.
From the Jog screen you can turn the spindle ON and OFF.

Hi Appollo,

On a side note, is it possible to have an option on screen so that one press on the button (or two presses within very short intervals) only triggers one move? I had accidentally moved more increments than what I wanted because of the buttons on my laptop aren’t very crisp.



update: @eefits Thanks Larry!

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@cjm27 Actually you can do this on your computer. In Windows go to Control panel->Keyboard change the repeat delay towards Long. In Mac go to System preference->keyboard change Delay until repeat towards Long.