Should 3XL base frame braces be flat?

Hello Everyone,

I purchased a 3xl back in November, but hadn’t yet cleaned up my shop enough to build it. The time is now.

I’ve built a decent table and I’ve started assembly of the 3XL, but I’ve noted that the three base frame braces have a fairly notable upward bow to them. Would this be intentional or expected?

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Do they flatten out when you lay the MDF on them?

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Good Morning,

I do have the MDF currently attached, to the center and rear, but was interrupted before I reached the front. I will get back to it shortly. But it is my current assumption that the MDF, which is quite light, wont cause much deflection. Possibly with the addition of a sacrificial waste board and time.

My understanding is that while not intentional (save that the part manufacture is arranged to that if this happens it will be in this orientation), the same principle here applies as of the slight arc to a flat bed trailer (save for the rain aspect) — the weight will push it towards being flat, and the tightening of bolts and so forth will only help bring it into true.

If you have any difficulties let us know at and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

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