Show off your SO3 hot setups!

I thought it would be great to see how everyone has customized their Shapeoko 3 unit. It would be nice to see everyone’s innovations and exchange ideas. I will add some pictures of my set up later today. A small tour…so to speak.

Sorry to do this later, but I just wanted to get this thought out now.

Okay, this is how I set up my Shapeoko 3. Months ahead of the build, I made this cabinet for the SO3. We got new kitchen countertops so the top was left over from that job.

And the drawers are “5S” compliant!

You will notice my “Power Box”. Everything runs off of a single source of power - no issues. Also has a Tripp-Lite surge protector and a cool red lit, just for the heck of it. Perhaps overly elaborate…

I did sleeve all the wires with blue sleeving. And painted the Grbl housing blue. The router power cable was replaced with a 3 wire ground type. And I placed a copper mesh around the top of the router body.

You will also note that the Probing inputs are mounted on the Z-axis limit plate.

I added 3 homing switches and 2 limit switches. I closely followed the same concept as the Carbide version. I made the mounting brackets on my table saw with some 1/4 black ABS I had on hand. The switches Carbide uses are exceptional and a bit hard to get, but I think they are the BEST as they are enclosed. Found them on Amazon, they are not cheap.

Next project will be a make another waste board (1/4" MDF) and fly cut it flat with the router. I will drill holes in it to pick up the mounting holes of the original waste board below.

I really enjoy my SO3 and I’m always thinking up projects to do on it.

I would love to see what other people have done!

We had a long thread about some cool enclosures here :slight_smile: Nomad and SO3: Custom Enclosures (the enclosure zoo)

Very very nice setup!