Simple Gcode to English translation utility

I wrote a simple little utility that takes basic gcode and translates the instructions into readable English.

Maybe anybody new to gcode who is tired of looking up all those codes may find this useful?

It certainly isn’t meant to be exhaustive, and has the basic commands and G and M codes based on the Wikipedia gcode page. If there are any codes missing or needing better definition, just let me know.

cheers !


wow, that is a cool idea! Can’t wait to try it.

Well I managed to overload it with too long of a snippet, but otherwise a great little educational tool for beginners to have annotated code :slight_smile:
Makes me think that it may be useful to have it take an uploaded txt file and parse the text, inserting comments inline, and then returning the file back so people can open it locally instead of just pasting and viewing snippets in-browser, especially for longer programs. Also, might be good to have it only show the comment on the first instance of each kind of code, so it only annotates new codes as they show up.

Just 2 unsolicited cents X-)