Simple Z puck probe to HDM... spliced into the BitSetter cable?

the title basically says it all. I want to avoid purchasing the BitZero when all i need is a simple puck to probe Z. I know I can wire this to the board with a Molex but I was thinking if I could just splice this puck into the BitSetter that would keep it cleaner than running a new cable/wire from the control box. Thoughts on if this is do-able and is there a pinout for the BitSetter somewhere?

also to note i need a smaller footprint puck because i have to probe Z on pockets that BitZero won’t fit into

If all you are wanting to do is probe Z, I’d use a piece of paper. A strip will get you into those pockets too. See 8:20 in this video from @Vince.Fab (Simple Meets Shiny, a Shapeoko HDM story - YouTube). If you are really concerned about the accuracy, using a feeler gauge might help more.

If you start slicing and dicing you may void your warranty?
As stated by “sgowdar” a piece of paper will work just fine.

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