Single block send option

Looking for a g code sender that has single block send option. Anyone know of one? Just got a new computer and grbl panel which is the only one with I had found is archive only now. Anyone who has ran a multi thousand $ machine knows how helpful this can be. Helps to safely start a new program and debug errors. Surprised this one is so hard to find.

UGS does not, but I found references to someone trying to put it in. Doesn’t look like the pull request ever got done.

Maybe not enough request to float the demand yet. Surprised it has not gotten more attention. Maybe just not enough have ran big CNCs to understand how handy it can be. Sure has saved me trouble over the years just stepping through the first few blocks. Insuring the origin and z are right then usually the rest are good.

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I think it would be nice as well, +1 on this feature request.

If single blocking is hard, another option would be a 5-10 line look ahead on the display, which is at least as useful as a single block mode when proving out a new program for the first time…also known as every program I run on the Nomad

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