Skipping when in jog mode

I use the Shapeoko in Jog mode for various things and find that if I place the speed in fast or slow and click on any of the direction pads the spindle will travel smoothly then skip or hesitate momentarily. If I use the rapid positioning option and go to the last x, y zero location the spindle moves rapidly to that place without any hesitation. It also goes “home” without the hesitations. I have used the Jog mode to bevel edges of signs, etc instead of trying to push the work by the bit by hand. When doing this, the hesitation leaves “burn” marks on the edges being beveled. It is almost as if their is a buffer that fills up with the continuous input from the touchpad of the laptop and has to reload itself before continuing. If I just tap the touchpad the hesitation is not evident, of course.

This also happens with the NOMAD 883 pro… I think it’s just a little hiccup with the processing of the locations, if that makes any sense.

Anyone with more knowledge, please chime in!!

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Smoothness of movement while jogging has been a recurrent issue / work in progress for Carbide Motion. I believe that with the Grbl 1.1 update there will finally be the software tools in place to address this nicely.

That said, it’s far better to write G-code files or manually input G-code at the MDI than to cut using the jogging interface (which is not intended for that).

See for information on hand-coding stuff.

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Thanks, Will. I’ll try the MDI method.