Skips while homing

I figured I would post here for the collective knowledge along with Carbide support who have helped with this issue by having me tighten the rail screws and applying some light lubrication to the rails.
After it homes to the back right corner while coming to the front center it skips between 3 and 4 steps.
I did this a couple of times and now it only skips.
I stop it before it gets to the bitsetter so it doesn’t crash.
Here is a video showing the machine skipping.
Shapeoko pro skipping

With the machine powered on when you open Carbide Motion you need to press the button “Connect to Cutter”. Once this is done before you press the button to initialize the machine to home you can press on the Settings button. This would allow you to disable the bitsetter and be able to jog around and try and troubleshoot your problem. Also if you Initialize/Home with the router at the front center does is also do the same thing as it’s moving to the back right end of the machine. Looks like it’s related to the X-axis (left <-> right) movements.

Power down.
Disconnect the X motor from the controller.
Does it move freely by hand?

Not sure if this is still an issue on the pro, but something that might be worth looking at if its your X-axis giving you issues.

Please let us know about this at and we’ll do our best to assist.

I will perform all the suggested cures. I did not use any blue locktite, I was wondering why they included that in my build parts for :thinking:

I’ll report back with what I find.

There are three schools of thought on threadlock:

  • it should be used for any connector which does not need adjustment in the future
  • it should be used for any connector which vibrates loose
  • a properly torqued fastener should not need chemical assistance

all of which are perfectly valid, depending on what sort of work one is doing.

(there’s allegedly a fourth school, “it’s like tabasco sauce, put it on everything”, but we’re not going there)

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After working on my 1974 Land Rover, I have converted to the fourth school.
I had fewer problems loosening bolts and nuts with threadlocker than fasteners without any on them.

I use the weakest Loctite on bolts just to keep the threads from corroding.

Edit: Autocorrect thought Licktite :yum: was better than Loctite.


I want to thank everyone here for replying and being ever so helpful.
Also, a big shout out to Fleming at Carbide 3D for being patient with me while I take apart things on the machine to troubleshoot.
In the end, one of the y motor cables had a loose wire that was causing all the problems!
Hopefully I can start making stuff now :grinning:


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