Slight bouncing, bitsetter problem

Newbie here,

In completing passes, I think my machine lost its zero somehow. It moved about 1/32 of an inch off course.

Previously, my router would barely reach the bitsetter in terms of the X axis. After this event, it no longer reaches.

Any guidance would be appreciated,

Assume you mean Z (up/down)?
Can you move the router down in its mount. Maybe it wasn’t secure and got pushed up.

Also check that the collet is tight around the bit. Saying that it won’t reach the bit setter says it moved up inside the collet when plunging.

No, x-axis. I’m think maybe a loose belt, but I have no idea. It happened before I changed bits, so I think it is mechanical, and not to do with my router, but idk.

If you home the machine does it still not reach?

Looks like the machine lost/skipped some “steps”. What this means is that there was some load or bind in the system where the controller sent movement commands and power to the stepper motor but the motor did not actually move because of the load or bind. These machines are “open loop” control schemes instead of “closed loop” this means the machine has no runtime positional feedback. practically this means that the controller makes an assumption that the router is positioned exactly where it told it to go from your set zero. If the motor skipped due to load or binding then the controller doesn’t know that and all of the subsequent passes will be offset the way you see in your part.

So solution would be to check that you were not running too fast/deep/or have a dull tool. It could also be a bind in the sliding systems. I had a bind in my Y axis during a cold weather startup and a lot of dust on the rails a couple days ago.

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