Slight Delay before hitting "Start Job"

I’m having an issue where if I load a new .nc file it takes approx 5secs for the “Loading Gcode” % bar to appear. If I hit “Start Job” in during that 5 seconds CMotion will crash after the loading of Gcode is complete.

CM build 513

Confirmed anecdotally. I thought it was just my network delay since the files are always on my development computer and not the one that I run my CNC with.

However, the point really is that the “Start Job” should not be accessible until the file is loaded and that there certainly shouldn’t be a related crash.

I’m confirming that both happen, but I’ve diligently been avoiding the situation since it happend to me a couple of times.

Thanks to Mark for reporting here.

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don’t know if this is a coincidence but CM is accessing my .nc from a network share drive… so also not local to the CM machine.

Please store .nc files for Carbide Motion locally on a drive which is not connected over USB.

My files are all .gcode files and are accessed at “Load” time via WIFI and Windows10. I’ve always assumed that CM stores locally as needed.

Never had any problems, except for that delay situation.

That should be an easy one to verify and fix. Does the delay happen on every file or only larger ones?

FYI- Once files are loaded they’re held in memory only

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I think the delay is a red herring for this problem. I think the part that causes the problem is that the “Start Job” dialog is active during the delay.

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hit or miss my guess it depends on LAN speeds after browsing for the file and hitting “OK”

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Seems to be same as this post from earlier this year…

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I trained myself to take a long pause after loading a file to avoid this repeatable crash.

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