Slop in spindle


I am a student at a university in the UK and have been using a Nomad machine (I believe it is a 883 Pro). I am using it to mill out PCBs. However I have noticed that the spindle is moving as seen in a previous thread (What the... ? Spindle is moving?) - it is not clear if the issue was cleared up and, if so, what the fix was. Could anyone clarify?


Hello Tom,

It has been cleared up and hasn’t happened since Carbide3D sent me a new spindle.

Basically, you will have to get in touch with the company and explain what is happening. You can’t use the machine if the spindle moves up and down… nothing will come out correctly!

Please contact them.

Thanks and best of luck!


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Have now got a new spindle - thanks to Carbide3D’s excellent customer service. The next step is to attach the spindle. While I think I know what to do it’s very rare that things are so broken you can’t break them more, so I thought I better check.

The process for changing the spindle is:

  1. Slacken off retaining bolts on motor. This will allow the belt to be de-tensioned and removed.
  2. Slacken spindle clamp.
  3. Installation is this process in reverse.

Is that correct?

Also I’m in Europe and unfamiliar with imperial sizes. The motor retaining bolts seem to be close to 2.5 mm hex head, but are slightly larger. Can anyone enlighten me what size allen key is required?


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