Slowly understanding the bits and then there are bits

vcarve desktop 9.5, windows 10, vcarve toolpath, bit is 30 degree vbit - 1/8 sh carbide generic one.

Finally got small text to work if I call the 30 degree bit a vbit not engraver , (couldn’t get it to work with 60 degree vbit. small Text was unpredictable. )

tied engraving tool with same specs and then vbit same specs in database (tool created by me). engraving just doesn’t work and obviously will only go so deep if it is an "engraving " too in the database. Finally this stuff kind of strange.
same bit does different stuff with different too database types.

I guess or think I have learned that engraving toolpaths are limited by the type in the database.

Not sure my head is wrapped around it so what do I do (into the cnc world 6 weeks ago) but I now have a 3d printer coming.
Thought that my knowledge of corel draw, sketchup, photoshop cc, lightroom cc, (not ai which seems not very useful), nik suite, topaz studio, instamask, building my own pcs, mucho electronics not mentioning my building of professional quality guitars, fine woodworking, many boxes, inlay by hand etc etc would help me and it does I guess some.

Whole lot of staring going on here, scratching the head, staring again, leaving it, coming back to it let alone my not understanding the 2 sided machining zero orientation by side.

Not finding good tutorials on exactly what certain bits do under certain circumstances especially with small letter. (under 1/2 inch)

the first photos is text with profile tool path it is vcarve vbit .125 shaft 30 degree and you can see it looks good

this one is with engraving too path same bit as above not vcarve as i noted. It is amazingly shallow at .19 flat depth. , the sword is a bit map i traced and can’t get it to go at all with the engraving tool path same 30 degree bit. So the one in the photo below is a profile tool path which isn’t great but at least shows up.


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