Small cross with inlays in purpleheart

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/b/b84082b306397783ae845326bcc602b73416f3b2.jpg" width=“690” height=“388”
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/3/3f3d3557c9275032b4fb3601139cfe16eac4624a.jpg"width=“690” height=“388”>


Nice work there!
Would you mind sharing how you finished the wood after milling? Did the cross need any sanding? Also looks like you applied sealer. I am working on a purpleheart/mother of pearl inlay project and am looking for tips on sealing the wood to preserve the color of the wood.

–thanks, Ed

thanks. not sure how it will hold up over time. i sanded then brushed on three coats of the sanding sealer with light sanding between coats. three coats spray on shellac, and three coats of spray on spar urethane. i ran across an article that suggested it is a losing battle to keep colored wood from turning. this is the link to that article.

good luck.

Thanks for the info. If mine comes out half as nice as yours it will be a win.