Small space organization ideas

Hey Guys,

I’m looking for ideas for trying to organize my workspace where my XXL is. The machine is in my basement in a room apx 14’x14’, this room has a work bench on 1 side and on the other side is a full wall of shelving for household storage. Also my water pump and water filtration system is in there so really there’s not a ton of room.
I got a couple of those cheap plastic organizer for Xmas that I’ll going to try and use but I’ve never had any luck with those. I think I might try labeling things this time around…lol because this room is a catch all for anything from plumping supplies and leftovers, painting and drywalling tools, Extra screws nuts and bolts, Chainsaw parts everything. I have a Shed outside where I keep most of my tools but I try and have the basics inside so I’m not running outside everytime I need something.
Maybe I’m a tool hoarder and it’s time to let go…

Anyway what do you guys do to keep organized in limited spaces. I do have a 1 drawer tool cart that I will be bringing inside that will be dedicated to the CNC for all my bits and tools it’s the other crap I have to worry about.


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I use “flip top” bins I got from home depot (they’re fairly small)
These fit well on my shelves, easy to label, and you can see through them.
I also got a husky “9 drawer” tool cabinet that perfectly fits an XL (back to back, they could do an XXL) - the drawers hold a lot more than I expected.

Between those two things, and the racks I put the bins on (about 8 feet tall) that’s pretty much all I have beyond some used kitchen cabinets with glass inset doors (the glass is critical!) for bottles and smaller stuff.

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