So frustrated thinking about selling

I just posted a plea in the shapeoko group for help from anyone in Texas. It took a few days but eventually, I found my mentor. I’m a hands on learner. Sounds like we may have that in common. Oh and by the way I’m still a novice at best.

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@Engine1 I’ve posted in both Facebook and carbide community site multiple times and nothing. Thank you for the reply…


I was looking for anyone within 50 miles of me that had a hobby CNC. I don’t do Facebook (my fingers just freeze up) and no response from this forum.

By chance there was an article in our local paper about a gentleman who had a hobby CNC. The accompanying photo was of him standing in front front of his CNC - a Shapeoko XXL. I reached out - all of 8 blocks from my house - and made the connection We have since been to each others shops and become friends.

Within a week another CNC user - he has a NewWave Shark - reached out as well. I have been to his shop and he wound up joining our Woodworkers Guild as well as sharing his CNC experience.

I noticed on the FB map included in this thread of another Shapeoko user about 30 miles north of me. I will try to reach out to him but not sure how as I don’t do FB.

Good luck in your search.



As was pointed out at:

we do offer one-on-one video conferencing for training purposes, see the links at:


Where are you in Michigan? I have a Shapeoko XXL and if you are nearby I could spend a few hours helping you get started.

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I’m in Hazel Park near Ferndale.


I’m in Saint Clair Shores.

Technically, I have own a 3XXL for a number of years. Unfortunately, it’s never left the box as I was traveling for work, family obligations, etc. I also have a small Next Wave Shark machine.

I have since retired and I am waiting on contractors to start/finish my workshop. As I fear no machine or software package (retired automation controls engineer & trainer) :slight_smile: I think we can help each other out if your interested.

While not knowing your background, just remember this: it’s all ready working, just cruising through the forum and gallery proves it. Also, you are (potentially) attempting to learn about a good half dozen or sow different languages ALL at the same time. The first is always the hardest, then it gets easier and easier.

Let me know if we can help each other out. That goes for anyone else here in Michigan.



@JustMe Jim im very interested in trying to learn I can send you my info. I to am semi retired do to a heart attack.

I cannot do it next week I’ve got 2 contractors doing work at my place next week. Maybe the week after. Email me

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You have Contractors? There actually real? AND they show up? I am so freaking jealous right now! If mine actually hit there latest proposed delivery date, they will only be 93 days late.

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The many languages aspect is a good point.

For anyone having trouble learning things a good beginning point is terminology — the community has a glossary at:



Ok, send me your contact information & we can figure a time to slaughter some perfectly innocent wood.



[email edited out for privacy concernés, share it in a PM if needed]

HELLO DENNIS: I don’t know if this will help or not because it is a different software package. However, there are some great tutorials at this site that MIGHT help you understand some of the concepts also.


My other piece of advise is to download some of the more simple free files from here: then take it step-by-step feeding this into your system, setting up the Zeroing, feeds & speeds, etc. and running that simple project, something like a toy, coaster, bit tray, or other organizer.

Good luck on getting up and running. It really is an enjoyable hobby, especially when you know you’re starting to get a handle on things. Hang in there - lots of help available! IF one get frustrated I find taking a 1/2 break for coffee or just a rest really helps with the mental part of CNCing

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I’m in my 70’s and I feel your pain. Are your issues with Carbide Create or Carbide Motion? I’m currently helping someone in Nevada (I live in Georgia). He wants to make flags for resale at his local flea market. I haven’t gone through all of these replies, and I will. Need to know where to start and what you want to do and then build on that. Just have patience and you’ll realize you might know more than you know.

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I’m in the same boat. I am more disappointed in Shapeoko than learning it. I researched before I bought my Shapeoko XLL and at the time everyone praised it. So I purchased it and have troubles from day one. The New Z axis wouldn’t reach the spoil board, so I had to stack spoil boards up. I also bought the bitstopper and probe and could never get both of them to work together, so the bitstopper sits in a drawer. My v wheels split with very little usage. So I had to spend another $70.00. And now I am having issues with the z axis plunging, people say it could be a bad homing sensor or loose cable. I’m so tired of it, so it sits in the shop collecting dust. And after 8 months of purchasing it, they come out with a Shapeoko Pro. And all of the research I did, those people have moved onto a different vendor.

@lcifers where are you located?

Have you contacted support? If you’re under warranty, they would probably replace those v-wheels on their dime. For the SO3, you can source v-wheels pretty affordably. If I recall correctly I had purchased spares from Open Builds (currently $2.39 each)

If you’re willing to create a thread and work through steps to troubleshoot, help is around the corner.


The machines have a 12 month warranty — parts are covered, and no one needs to buy the Maintenance Kit in the first year — please contact us at and we’ll gladly send you a set of V wheels.

I don’t see any open/unresolved tickets under your name — please let us know about your difficulties and we will do our best to assist.

It’s best to start w/ small, simple, basic projects in inexpensive material, then build on successes — have you tried any of the tutorials at:


Im in michigan u get help u where looking for

Im in michagan u get the help u looking for