So what is this about redesigning the carriage?

Vince mentioned in another thread that there may be a redesign coming to improve the rigidity of the carriage/x-axis “system.”

Any pics?

Will existing units allow for a retrofit?


Others have already shown teasers on Instagram. Im not going to say anything else though, haha.

Lets not start another touch probe situation. I’m sure they will come out when ready.

Well someone post links to some posts or pics or something.


Can we start a rumour about Shapeoko HD or something?

All jokes aside, I’m sure we’ll hear about it when they’re happy with it, and I’m sure it’ll be kickass

I want a heavy Shapeoko model with Linear bearings and ballscrews all round, with a 4x4’ work area option! I’d be happy to pay double the XXL price for it, I have designed my own version to build but want to support C3D if they go that way.


I’m fine with belts.

I’m just curious about any upcoming revisions.

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