SO3: An XXL in action!

I did a test cut that worked out fine but would be boring to watch. After a lot of work I finally got this thing running. Now I’m going to build an enclosure and see if I can get everything flat, level and square. The extension cables are WAY too long so at some point I’ll get that taken care of. I’m just glad to be moving things at this point :wink:


video here…

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Nice!!! You mentioned a 30" x 30" square in your video…is that the cutting size limit??? Or is as advertised 33"

With all the enthusiasm of a tween meeting her favorite new boy band, “OMG! OMG! OMG!”

Nice. I can hardly wait for mine to arrive. Big, isn’t it?

You know, I didn’t think to check. I’m pretty sure it will go at least 33x33. Maybe more front to back because it can cut out further than the base. I’ll try to remember to check tomorrow.

It will cut 33" wide and 33.5" deep. However, three or so inches of the depth is past the front of the frame/spoilboard.

Thanks for the varification