SO3: Assembly Guide Availability?

@edwardrford Continuing the discussion from SO3: Are things on track for the XL and XXL shipments to begin?:

Any idea when this will happen? The machines are arriving, and it would be a big help to have a guide.

BTW - My shipping box looks like it has been through a war. I haven’t opened it yet, so I don’t know about damage, but there is a real need for a second (outer) box and foam spacers to protect these machines during shipping. I’m a little horrified to think about what my machine has gone through before I ever received it.

hurry up and open that thing! and pics or it didn’t happen.

@rwizard - Please send us pictures ( of your box. We’ve shipped quite a few so far and (fingers crossed) have only had a few damaged. 1 Extrusion, and a couple of wasteboard corners. We are in the process of re-designing the boxes to prevent this in future shipments.

Related Note: the Machine box is in an outer box, and we have found that to help a great deal on our standard kits as well.

Assembly Guide - We have a draft done, and I’ve attached it to this thread. We still need to add information about connecting the drag chain brackets and limit switches, otherwise I think it’s usable.

S3_XXL_Assembly.pdf (1.7 MB)


Thanks for the manual.

Will send pics this evening.

I will say one thing, for the shipping box, UPS is never nice to mine and especially the heavy ones. FedEx got the second one here in much nicer condition. The waste board still took a small hit on one corner but 99% better than the first one. The one block of foam split and half at each end probably would have saved it from any damage.

A few things like the belts and cable routing would be nice.:slight_smile:

My XXL arrived yesterday (all 130 lbs). Good thing we were the first stop for the UPS driver. Unpacked and inspected everything late yesterday and all is intact (+1 on the newer boxing!) The only downsides are the missing drag chain brackets and limit switch kit :frowning:

Now I’ve got to build a platform for this behemoth.

FYI - New Assembly Guide posted here: