SO3: Configuring job to not go to Home at end of toolpath

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Noob question here. After a finished toolpath, i would like it to either finish at current XY + Z offset or just got to Job zero instead of going to Homing. I can’t seem to find a way to do that. any suggestions?



M30 is interpreted by Carbide Motion as lift and move towards the back of the machine — replace it with a move to safe height and you should have the behavior you want.

The vcarve post processor uses the following commands at the end.


I think if I remove the M02 it would raise and move to 0,0 and stop there.

Hmm I see. Is there a guide for G-Code, like a Wiki and/or quick reference in regard to Carbide Motion and how it interprets it? or even a G-Code wiki guide in general?


Yes. My apologies, forgot to include that link:

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There’s one here…

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