SO3: Extra homing system parts

Hello all
I have managed to damage the z axis micro switch for my Shapeoko. Does anyone have extras that I could buy to get back up and producing?
Thank you

It should be a commodity electronics part available from pretty much anywhere, incl. Radio Shack.

Post a picture of it and we should be able to I.D. it, or check w/ and they’ll probably let you know what it is, and send you one post haste.

We do have a bit about home/limit switches on the wiki: — might find a match there.

This may be a little late, but my Z axis switch stopped working on the second day of using my SO3 XXL.

The ones that came with my machine seem to be Omron D2QW-C003H. I bought spares from digikey (Part #D2QW-C003H)



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