SO3: Help with depth settings

I am brand new to CNC. I received my SO3 XL last week and (minus the three missing components) got it up and running yesterday. After the thrill of my first run wore off, I am now starting to experience some frustrations. I have perused this board for two months in anticipation of my machine and have seen how helpful everyone can be - I’m sure my problems are incredibly basic for most of you.

I created a new tool in the library for both a 1/8" shank .03125 flat end mill bit and a 1/4" shank 60 degree V-mill. When I execute the G-code in Carbide Motion, neither bit will make contact with my work piece. Well, actually, the V bit will make periodic contact only. What am I doing wrong?

I am homing each bit only a few mm from the piece before starting and then zeroing all axes.

Any help greatly appreciated.

What software tool chain?

How did your “Hello World” go?

Tried to square up / calibrate / fine tune your machine?

Few things to check come to mind.

  1. make sure that your bit can go further down without running out of Z axis! (If this is an issue move the router DOWN in the bracket)
  2. You should set 0 right at the top of the work. Many ways to do this. I typically just use a piece of paper and move Z down until I can’t pull the paper out. Then set that as my Z 0
  3. Check your Z belt and if it is loose, you may need to tighten this!!! If you hear a funny noise it may be the Z belt skipping!

Thanks to you both! I fixed it. I’ve now encountered a new issue - starting a new thread regarding my Z axis moving too much.

Thanks again.