SO3: Home not setting in MDI

Hi all, I just got my SO3 last week and just finished installing my homing /limit switch kit. when I run the $22=1 command followed by $h the machine homes to the correct spot but in MDI it says in red NOT HOMED and the xyz numbers are not zeroed out. Am I missing something? Oh just FYI this is my first experience with CNC anything

You may want to try a different comm / control program for the nonce — Carbide Motion is currently set up AIUI to work w/ the Nomad 883’s tool length probe.

List here:

bCNC and UGS work well.

So I shouldn’t be using CM? I thought it was for this machine? What’s AIUI and nonce? For that matter what’s bCNC

What’s AIUI and nonce?

As I Understand It (AIUI).

nonce - something used only once: “Try it and see what happens…”

Manual Data Input (MDI) - typing in G/M code by hand.


I have the same issue. I send ‘$h’ and it goes to the home position. But states in red NOT HOMED. any fixes?

bCNC is a comm/control program, list of other options here:

Carbide Motion was originally developed for the Nomad 883 — the SO3 support was something of a (rushed?) reversion, and is slowly catching up. There’s another thread on features which are planned to be restored or added.

Contact w/ any concerns on this.