SO3 homing to -4.99

After homing, my SO3 goes to:
X: -5.00
Y: -4.99
Z: -5.00

I’m unsure why Y goes to -4.99 instead of -5.00. I have changed $100 and $101 for calibration, I don’t know if that would affect this.

Does this matter at all, or should I just ignore it?

after homing the machine moves 5mm off of the limit switches… 'tis normal

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I think he means it is weird to be at -4.99 on the Y-axis instead of 5.00 exactly. Calibration would not change that, as the machine is going to move the distance it thinks is 5 mm regardless of whether it is taking 40 steps / mm or not.

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Yes, it’s the 4.99 I’m wondering about.

The problem is, the machine moves a particular number of micro steps/mm, and it can only move in those increments — they don’t always map directly to a nice even number in the interface due to rounding issues, and sometimes, the closest we can get to -5.00mm when truncated to 2 digits displays as -4.99


OK, but as @WillAdams states, 0.01mm is in the realm of noise. I misunderstood the Q.

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Cool, I’ll chalk it up to floating point silliness and rounding and not worry. Thanks.