SO3 Limit Switch - ISSUE

I purchased the Limit switches and installed them for my SO3. They appear to be working great…but have ran into some issues. perhaps I am doing something wrong…

When i tell the SO3 to go home ($h), it goes to the back right corder and Z goes all the way up. GREAT! I go into Carbide Create Beta 283 and go under “toolpath zero” from the settings. top right does not appear to be an option…Did I install them wrong?

Also, when running a job or jogging the shapeoko to hit the switch and go past the limit switch, it does not stop the SO3. I thought this would of prevented the shapeoko from running into the wall…

What do I need to do to fix this?

@WillAdams linked me this article in the wiki, this should help you:

AIUI, one of the WCS systems is used by Carbide Motion to track the machine location, so should not be used.

I haven’t had the patience to use Carbide Motion for homing — I use bCNC, which has specific support for it — sometime I’ll connect to bCNC, home, move the machine to where I want 0,0,0 to be, power down, power up, connect to CM and use it for cutting.

How do you find bCNC? Any good? Stable?