SO3: Quick fix for broken leveling feet?

In a moment of slow motion horror, I dropped the frame and broke two of my leveling feet :scream:

Does anyone know if there’s something I could snag at the hardware store to replace them, or will I have to order some from Carbide and (horror) wait for them to ship?


I’d be surprised if they’re not a standard / commodity part you could find at the hardware store — at least the thread should be standard.

Personally I would glue it.
You could buy an m8 hex socket cap bolt that is long enough to level it.
or other 3rd part options:

Ok thanks, guys! I wish I could just glue it, but the plastic broke into a million pieces :frowning: I’ll go check out the hardware store. Any leveling foot that fits the threads should do, right? There’s not a particular reason they’d need to be the same design and material? Also, would it matter if I still use the original two from Shapeoko and the two, presumably different, new ones?

They are just feet as long as they are level it doesn’t matter.

Thanks for the help!

The leveling feet are a standard M8 (1.25mm pitch) thread.

Send an email into support and we’ll get you fixed up.


Thanks so much, Edward! I just finished assembling my machine (sans limit switches) and I’ve been really impressed with the quality of all the components! It was worth the wait and I’m excited to take it for a test run :smiley:

Make a foot to attach to the end of the original foot bolt as the first part you make with your machine :wink:

Thanks, Tony :slight_smile: That’s basically what I ended up doing with a little clay epoxy and it’s working well until I get some new feet from Carbide!

Hey I don’t know if you saw my reply from the other thread, but can I ask you how you mounted your drag chain without the limit switch plate/standoff? Would there be any safety issues to using it sans limit switches?

I just replied in the thread you mentioned. Let me know if those pictures don’t give you what you need.

I have my homing switches disabled. Carbide Motion moves the axes WAY too slowly during homing for it to be practical for the XXL. I’ve been using mine without homing switches and haven’t had any issues with it except if something goes wrong you lose your zero position. I have a hole drilled in my spoil board that I use as a known reference position so if I do need to have a known reference I just use that hole.

Even if you run an axis into its limits you won’t damage anything. The steppers will just lose steps. If it happens during a job the reference zero will shift by the number of lost steps which ruins your job but doesn’t hurt the machine.

I did not get any levelling feet with my S3, late 2015.
Was it missed from my pack or designed out?

Any ideas please?

The leveling feet are a new addition to the XL and XXL upgraded machines — the original SO3 design uses stick on plastic/rubber bumper pads.