SO3 Rail Wheel Dust Covers

Sharing a video I posted about my custom x,y,z rail wheel dust covers…


I’d be very interested in buying your kit. I’m running the HDZ. Let me know price and availability. I do have my limit switch wires running through the gantry. Don’t know if this would be an issue. Thanks

Very cool, very cool indeed!!!

I saw someone do something similar a couple years back with toothbrush pieces, but not fully enclosed like your design. My only question is would it be possible to use brush material instead of leather for the scrubbers? I have extra brush laying around, but I’m a little short on leather and lasers, haha!!

Again, this looks like a great design, nice work!


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Cool video! I look forward to seeing more with the dust shoe you use.

You could cut the leather with an exacto knife. That’s about the least complicated part of it.

Honestly didn’t realize it was just a split piece of leather, but I’m still curious about brushes since I have some.


These are available over on my website:
but if all you want are the models, you can find them at:

have a nice day.


I got the dust covers yesterday. These things are a thing of beauty. Very professional. Had to make one very slight mod to the left side Y-axis cover due to me running the wires through the gantry. Went on easy the only issue I see is the Y-axis outer cover could stand to have slightly stronger magnets to keep them on a little tighter. Otherwise these are great.



Good to know. I started printing the first one of the set yesterday evening, and ordered magnets on Amazon. It’s a clever design that I did not know I needed before starting to cut aluminium and having chips flying all over the place

@Julien, would you mind sharing links for the magnets? Please.

My Google/Amazon skills seem lacking today.

Sure, but they probably won’t help you much as they are from the French Amazon site:

they are not quite the ones mentioned on Thingiverse, but I went for “cheapest + eligible to Prime”, and I will adapt some the geometry of some of the parts anyway

Thank you, but, as you said, not a big help.

I enlisted the assistance of one of my granddaughters and am happy to report two of the three have been ordered from Amazon. We continue to struggle with the ring version, I am confident she will prevail!

Does anyone have a good picture the one next to the Y switch? I can’t seem to find a way to get that one on, and it looks like the switch bracket will be in the way… Or did I miss something about it not working with the stock sensor there?

Good stuff.
I have been thinking of something along this line to cover the wheels and maybe use air puffers to blow dust off of the rails.


The wipers on these covers work pretty well.

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