SO3 Removable front extension table

Starting a new thread on my removable front extension table for the SO3. The picture is from my stock SO3 prior to my XXL upgrade. I also modified the straps to allow for a replaceable 3/4" bed to minimize the amount of Z travel lost. Concept is that you can change out job specific spoilboards without losing square or reference on the machine.


3/4" MDF with 1/4-20 threaded inserts every 1.5" and alternating 8mm dowel holes centered. I.E. 1.5" centers from 8 mm dowel hole to 1/4-20 threaded insert.

Front table is rabbeted for tight joint over the frame. Fences hold the extension table flush with the bed.

Same concept for my XXL upgrade to allow full work area when needed.

I’ve been contemplating offering a kit for the stock SO3 with my table mods. If there is enough interest I would consider producing them.


Please show more, Craig. Also liking your notion of job specific spoil boards. I’ve had my XXL since May and I’m still contemplating a more formalized clamping and spoilboard system. The extra machining space board at the front of the machine is a plus too.

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I’m interested in the acrylic pieces you’ve added… what are those?

Based on the date of the posts, Craig may have had a machine before we included homing switches so I suspect that’s his homebrew add-on. Those would no longer be necessary.