SO3: She's all together now, how does she start?

New to CNC here! So I have assembled her, plugged it all in, dowloaded Carbide motion and carbide create. I started Carbide motion, and it found the S3 at idle. I then went to “Jog” and it comes up with “Machine Parameters are invalid”. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough, but to me it seems there is a lack of information for what to do once you have built the machine. Maybe a setup guide for dummies on SO3. :smirk: Hopefully I will get it to move soon! Thanks for your help!

Mac OSX 10.11.3
Carbide Motion 3.0.356

I suspect that your machine controller was shipped w/o Grbl loaded. You’ll likely need to re-flash. Please see and the link to: Be sure to contact so that they can be aware of this problem so that they can address it even if you find the solution on your own.

The getting started guide is on the docs section:

Esp. notable pages:

Let us know if there’s something which you’re looking for and can’t find on docs or the wiki.

Great! Thanks guys, I will read through that info and try and get things going then! I’m out of Charlotte, NC.