SO3: Total newb worried about XXL assembly (and hello!)

Welcome to the club!

When I first got my first machine (a Shapeoko 1 I had to re-build, then expanded), the instructions were rather sparse. When I got my Shapeoko 2, all I got were some drawings and notes (but I was tasked w/ doing the assembly instructions — you know, the chicken-egg problem) — the machines are fundamentally simple, w/ the complexity hidden away in the electronics, so it’s not too bad.

We have a bit on the SO3 on the wiki:

as well as a page on assembly troubleshooting:

but the first version of the XXL instructions has been posted: SO3: Assembly Guide Availability?

EDIT: second version: S03: Assembly Guide (XXL)

You may find the Parts Overview page of interest:

and you may enjoy looking through the assembly instructions for the similar SO2:

That said, the SO3 has been Designed For Assembly, and much of the tedious work is already done. Since the electronics just plug in, it’s unlikely you could do anything to damage anything (the major thing to look out for would be plugging a power supply or router set for 110V into a 220V outlet).

I’m in south-central Pennsylvania, and there are people all over the place if you need help, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how simple it is to put together and use.

A lot of the basics are covered on the pages, and the balance should be on the wiki . Edward Ford (the Shapeoko’s designer) is also writing a book which you may find of interest: — list of other books at:

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