SO3: V Carving Simulation Issue in Carbide Create

Hello there, folks.

I’m trying to set up a V carve file in Carbide Create, and it looks like my tool paths are correct (with the angled corners and down the center of my vectors); however, when I show the simulation, it looks like it’s going to cut through the whole 3/4" board as it it were cut with an end mill. The program is also taking a couple of minutes to actually generate the simulation, which made me suspect there may be some kind of bug. I’ve double checked material thickness and that the distance between my vectors is no more than the diameter of my bit (1/2"), but no luck. It also looks like my added tool is correct and indicates that it is a V bit with the specifications I entered showing up correctly. I’ve tried restarting and reloading my svg files a few times, but still a no-go. I’ve never tried V carving before, so am I missing something?

Thanks, guys!

The V-carve toolpath will put the cutter as deep as necessary to touch the edges of the shape, so the shape could be too wide.

Try a more narrow shape as a test.
Also test to see if changing the Toolpath Zero is set to TOP.

Thanks for the reply! I’ve tried making various width shapes, and no matter how thin, it goes all the way through the board in the simulation :confused: I even changed the board thickness to 2 inches, pretty tiny text, and it still shows it going through the whole board. I also tried putting the zero to both top and bottom, but no change :frowning: The tool path is definitely in the V carve mode, too. I’m open to any other ideas!

What angle did you enter for the V bit?

45 not 0.45

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Aa! Will, you’re a genius! (And I’m a dummy, evidently.) That fixed it!

Since you seem to be the Carbide Create whisperer, can I ask you an unrelated question? I don’t know if it’s my mac computer or some wonky keyboard thing happening, but I can’t pan in the design window. I’ve tried holding just about every key (seems like usually control or command are what pans), but it’s really hard to navigate, and sometimes it just skips out of the window entirely if that makes sense. Any wisdom on that? :slight_smile:

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And oh yes, I’d love any input you had on the depth per pass, feed, speed, and step over. Would it be in the same ballpark as I would use for my similar material projects with a 1/8" end mill? (I’m on the XXL, cutting 3/4" pine with a 1/2" diameter V bit, 90 degrees, two flute, 7/16" length, 1/4" shank. From what I’ve been testing, if this were my 1/8" end mill, I’d set things in a range of 17,000 RPM, 100 IPM, and .04 DOC. I haven’t messed with step over as of yet…)

Thanks again!

I’ve tried to collect all the feed-speed information on the wiki. Probably best to use any numbers as a guideline, then use the Precise Bits testing technique which is linked there to verify their applicability to your machine and gear.

For Carbide Create, when I’ve used it, I found it most expedient to reset the view and zoom out, then back in. Hoping to find time to update and use it again soon.

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