SO3: What is the solution for the Router EM noise? (System stops)

I had the issue of the system crashing many many times.

A new board with large capacitor was sent to me, after installation, I still had the problem.
It was recommended to run the router on a separate electrical circuit, I still had the problem.
Apollo recommended to wrap the router with a thin piece of paper to isolate it - I did not try that yet.
I have seen strong arcing or sparks when the Dewalt router is running maximum speed and I
read in the forum somewhere to reduce the speed of the router. I reduced from 6 to between 4 and 5.

So the question is: What is the best way to totally resolve this problem in case I need higher speed?
Grounding? Isolation? It seems to me the arcing RF noise generated under the plastic cap would fly around no matter what.

New router? Could the brushes be faulty?

Used router? Could they be worn?

Yes, the router is brand new. Probably less than 1 hour run time.

It’s possible that the brushes will wear in a little more with some run time and you will get less arcing.

I run my 611 at full speed with no issues.

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Surprisingly I have found that if I keep my hand on the router for a few seconds after turning it off it doesn’t seem to crash. I’d be curious to see if it works for you as well.

Maintaining contact w/ the router would seem to me to indicate that this is a grounding fault / issue.

A couple of people have had good luck w/ replacing the 2-prong cord w/ a grounded 3-prong:

I’ll second that grounding issue comment. You should ground all pieces of the machine including the router body.

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I saw this:

I think this is a good idea, will do it. I assume the 24 volt power supply and Grbl board are already grounded.

Power supply, yes. Grbl board, no. The ground from the power supply to the Grbl is not the same as the earth ground on the power supply.

I find that hard to believe. It would seem logical that one of the 4 wires on the connection from the Power Supply is a ground. But I would need to see the schematic,

I checked it with my multimeter and visually.

None of the wires from the power supply to the controller are earth ground.

Please check again. I show one of the 4 pins to be connected to the the ground pin on the power plug.

I think it would be better also if the “bracket” that surrounds the Grbl board was closed top and bottom, not sealed, just more like a Faraday cage.

I’ll go look again, and maybe my V1 power supply is different than the one you have. Which pin/wire is grounded on your unit?

I don’t have great visibility, to be honest, it would be tough for me to even see if there are numbers. It’s all cable tied, etc. I just know one of the pins is ground and I think the 4 conductor cable is shielded as well.

Have a nice Friday and weekend.

Just to follow up - I pulled the cover off my power supply. The earth ground is not connected to the cable that goes to the Carbide controller. I verified by looking and with my multimeter. There is also no shielding in the cable.

My S3 is serial number 0004, so I have the v0.1 version of all the parts. :slight_smile:

There are four wires in the cable. Two are positive and two are negative. None are earth ground.

It’s possible that later power supplies are different, but mine doesn’t connect earth ground to the controller board in any way.

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