SO3: X axis problem

Recently finished assembling my SO3 and I’m having trouble with the X axis not carving straight. When I use Carbide Motion to run the router in the X direction I get wavy lines. The line has a consistent wave as if the router was moving in the Y axis in a definite pattern that creates curves at about an interval of 1 1/4". I would guess that the amplitude of the movement is about 0. 20". I disconnected the X belt and moved the router by hand and got the same results. Everything seems to be tight and I don’t see any problems with the V rollers. Anyone got any ideas?

Repeating patterns such as this are usually caused by a flaw in a V-wheel — check to see if one is mis-aligned, binding, or otherwise interfering w/ the travel.

Thanks Will,

I swapped some V rollers around and my symptom improved but I’m still having problems in the X axis. It looks like I have more than one bad roller.
Is it possible to get 4 new V rollers?

BTW I also had a problem with the ball-end allen key breaking. Could you ship me a few set screws also?

contact — they should be able to get you squared away.

Did you manage to fix the wave line when you changed the faulty v-wheels?
I need to know because i have the same issue and I’m waiting for some v-wheels too. When i drag the router by hand i get some bindings while is traveling. Everything is tight, including my belts. I hope the v wheels will fix this problem.

That did solve my problem. I replaced all X axis rollers and the problem went away. I could see no visible defects in the rollers I removed, but it worked fine after I replaced them.

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