SO3 XL firmware source?

Is there any way I could get just the firmware source code with all the defaults in it? I would like to load it to a separate arduino controller with a tiny tweak to it for testing a smarter laser idea of mine. Is it available somewhere? I know GRBL is available but I want all the default settings in there for SO3 where could I get that?


I don’t know if you still want this, but when you download the full grbl source, there is a subdirectory called ‘defaults’. Inside the ‘defaults’ directory is a file called defaults_shapeoko3.h, which contains all the original SO3 settings (no idea if they would be different for an XL; I just have the original SO3). If you want to rebuild grbl with the SO3 defaults, you need to modify the config.h file and change the line “#define DEFAULTS_GENERIC” to “#define DEFAULTS_SHAPEOKO_3”.

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yes I already did that. I actually took it a few steps farther and downloaded the .hex from the chip itself with the icsp interface before playing with it. This way I know I have the actual .hex that came with my machine. (Always like the “STOCK” backup if you know what I mean)

I have not actually uploaded or changed my firmware yet but I have tested my changes on a separate arduino for now.
Soon I hope to try and upload it.


How did you DL the hex from the chip?


You need something like usbasp or similar hardware interface that connects to the iscp header. Then you can do a command line with avrdude to export the firmware to a binary file. Google iscp arduino avdrure backup I’m sure there are some examples that is what I went by. It wasn’t that hard but you have to have the interface and avrdude to do it.