SO3 XXL Broken Stepper Shaft

Well, I did it. I was cutting some Baltic birch today, it started misbehaving on corners, So I hit the pause button. Found the pulley off My Y2 stepper Sitting on the table, with some of the stepper shaft still attached.

I tightened my belts a few weeks ago, and it’s been running without issue until today. But I’m assuming this a result of belt too tight? Any suggestions?

Guitar string tight can be interpreted a few ways, like if you’re playing one of the big strings all like “juggah jah juggah jah” or up on the tiny strings like “mee-daleeee meeedaleeee weeeeeee”

I’ve Sent an email to support.

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Thanks for the sound effects of this post. It made my day. I think jeggah jeh jeggeh jee is perfectly tight enough.


Your descriptive powers are on point my friend! I knew exactly what you meant. Mee-daleeee is way to tight.

I go for around a middle bass string.

Based on the sound effects I wonder if the correct tension could be quantified with an electronic guitar tuner. I will try it and see ifni can get a reading. Great description of the situation.

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Bob, I think others have tried guitar tuner for the belt driven Z-axis, I can’t see it working as well on the X/Y rails, since the belt is in contact with the extrusion. I notice different sounds from Y1/Y2, I’m sure its due to the drag chain and controller mounted on Y1 rail.

Anyways, I got a new motor and backed off the belts a tad… Thanks for the replies guys.

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