SO3: XY Axis position problem

I just finished setting up my Shapeoko 3 and I am using Fusion 360 to generate my CAD/CAM. I programmed some basic XY moves for holes in the board. The X and Y axis are not moving to the programmed position. I set zero in the center and move out a displayed x3" and y3" but the machine is only at about "1.5 in either direction. This is a serious problem, any ideas as to why this is happening. haven’t checked the z axis yet to see if it is off as well.

When I jog the axis they seem to be stopping momentarily and then continuing on…is this normal.


So I think I know what is going on…SO3 only understands mm!!! Even though I have specificall programmed a G20(inches) it wants to run in mm. How do I get around this, I hate the metric system but will program with it if that is all SO3 understands?


Okay so I have programmed a G21(mm) in MDI and told the tool to move 25.4 from zero in both X and Y. it is only moving ~half that distance…what is going on??? What am I missing?? Anyone??


It sounds like your having a half scale issue.
Check your machines grbl settings and compare them with the settings posted in the FAQ section.
The half scale Doc:

Yeah I figured it out, would have been nice to have that included with the documentation…buying a car without the wheels.