SO3: Y-axis Play on Z-axis

If you look at this short clip you can see the play from the Z-axis causing the Y-Axis to behave a bit differently than the X-axis. So if you don’t have those perfectly round circles, check this out. Sorry I can’t upload a video clip, but you can imagine 2-3mm wiggle when I pull push in Y direction.

Anyone got some advice? Have you seen this before and fixed it?

By the way, I do believe the guides are tight. It doesn’t feel like that. There is no clicking.

What we have thus far is:


It could be the V wheels are out of spec and the standard washers are allowing play.

You can see what I did to solve this issue here:

I installed the new Z-Axis plate today and this is definitely a MAJOR improvement. I am very happy with it.
Many thanks to the whole support team for this.

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Same here. I installed the new Z-plate yesterday and there is no more flex or play. Very impressed.

I found that one of the eccentric bolts/nuts was coming loose. I tightened it and no more play.
Of course it threw off the y axis and “nearly destroyed” what I was doing (salvaged with 2 part epoxy and sawdust).
Is there a way to lock the nuts?

You can use locktite.

Alternately, replace the bolts w/ longer bolts, then replace the eccentric nuts w/ additional washers and eccentric spacers and an ordinary nut as discussed on the Parts Page:

Use loc-tite on the threads and and torque down on the bolt/eccentric nut. if it continues to move on you, use hot glue to tack the eccentric nut in place. If you need to release it, just spray some denatured alcohol on it, it will release.