SO5 and Fusion 360 tool library

Hi folks, I am trying to make good use of my time getting ready to receive the SO5 :slight_smile: I downloaded an example json tool library from another post in this forum and got that all imported and working! Next step was to compare settings in the latest version of Carbide Create.

Question 1: In Carbide Create, the feedrate, cut depth and RPM are significantly different for a given material between the HDM and Shapeoko. Given an SO5 with (future) VFD spindle, should I go with the more aggressive defaults?

Question 2: Is there a simple way to export the tool library from Carbide Create so that it could be imported into F360? Iā€™m guessing that Carbide3D has done their homework on speeds and feeds, so this should be a good starting point.


i know there is a tool library from Carbide3D that can be imported to F360 (i imported it for use with my Nomad) but it didnt contain any F&S in it.

You can duplicate a library in Carbide Create so as to be able to access it as a .csv

The HDM has a rigidity advantage over the SO5 from what C3D has said, as well as what I can gather from the pictures available. I do think that if you go dead in the middle of the two settings, for depth of cut or stepover you might still be going up on the override once you start cutting. I would personally start with the HDM feedrate, but half the DOC. That seems a conservative starting point that has the best margin of safety in my experience.


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