Software development

With the awesome products that Carbide 3D put out (and even secret new projects we are hearing whispers of) I see one thing that is key that ties it all together. The software. One day I would love to work for a company like Carbide 3D or even start my own so I would like to know, if one of the founders would like to weigh in here maybe, what software you are using for all of your programing and design. Thank you in advance!

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Would love to know that, as well.

Based on the runtime install, it’s Visual Studio 2013… I believe it’s C++ (not C#), but I’m guessing as to my recollection of the VS dialog that pops during install. I can’t recall if that was for the Create or the Motion package.

Will and/or the C3D propeller heads can post officially…

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C++ and Visual Studio 2013 on Windows. We use the Qt framework and Boost libraries for both apps.

For Carbide Create, we use QML for the UI.

For Carbide Motion, we’ve transitioned away from Qt/QML for the UI and are moving to Javascript for the UI so we can support Carbide Connect going forward.


Thanks for filling us in, Rob.

Thanks for the reply Rob! I know your busy as so it’s great to hear from you :slight_smile: That answers my question perfectly. One day I’m going to come from New Zealand and bother you guys :spy: