Software for 3D cotton on Shape Oko 3

I am considering buying Shape Oko 3 but like to have some 3D milling capability. it says kit include 2.5D capable softwares. What extra software do I need?

Tell me about your 3D projects?

Carbide Create can so a lot of work in 2.5 D that often covers a full range of work I have seen from potential users who think 3D.

Have you used solid modeling 3D software?

I recommend Fusion 360, free to Hobby users and works on Windows and Macs.

I realised that this topic is already covered. Sorry!

You need a 3D CAD and a 3D CAM package.

MeshCAM is bundled with the Nomad 883 and also works with the Shapeoko (they use the same micro-controller firmware, Grbl):

As Rich noted, Autodesk Fusion 360 is freely available to hobbyists and startups earning less than $100,000 / year. These two and a number of other programs are listed at:

If you’re inclined toward opensource, the options for those are listed at:

I am thinking of shallow sculptural figure I have been using Via CAD 3D Pro but considering Rhino at the moment. Thank you.